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                Here we go , guys hacking into other wifi networks without owners permission is fun but it is illegal so before doing it ask for the password (or) take the permission from the owner to hack his/her network.

I will show you six different ways (with proof) , surely working methods to hack a wifi network with WPA and WPS. The WPA and WPS refers to wifi protected access and wifi protected service if WPS and WPA are enabled to a router we can access them without any key , so now let us dive into the methods……

1. Method I

The first and the best way  is to install an application named wifi-map in your mobile this is a popular app in google play store, this app can show you the wifi all over the world and there passwords too , it ranks as a number one wifi application over 50 countriesscreenshot_2016-12-08-15-25-39

Here is the screenshot of the wifi-map app , first step is to install it and then open it by the screenshots given below you will get to understand how to use the application.


After opening the app you must turn on your location and wifi so that the app can track the wifi signals around you and then click on the wifi you wanted to connect then it will show the password of the wifi network you choosed.


This is the another screen short of the wifi-map app will show the password to you so you can access the wifi network for free.

If this doesn’t work there are 5 more ways you can hack a wifi network some of them need rooting and super user access (most of them for non rooted devices also)to hack the wifi network.



2. Method II

Here is an another way to crack a wifi network that is WIFI WPS rps20161208_1600191WPA Tester  which works great I am really impressed by this app this is the cool one I say , it doesn’t need any root to the device and it gives instant access to the network. Here are so
me screenshots you gonna believe me…..

After opening the application we must agree to the terms and conditions of that application and then your wifi will be enabled then select a particular wifi network (if it is in WPA or WPS) then it will show the passwords to be entered…. click on the custom pin and enter the pin shown in the application….the slide show provided below gives you full clarity ……….  enjoy guys.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3.Method III

WPS-CONNECT  is the another application that allows you to play with the others wifi networks but the only drawback of this application is “it works only for rooted devices” so guys it is very easy to root your phone that I will tell you in my nrps20161208_1629211ext post .

step 1: Install the application .

step 2: open the app and search for the wifi network , once you found then click a button then it is over.


Rooting:- By rooting a device you can use the device with full permissions and you can do many crazy things .



4.Method IV

Another application that allows you to access the wifi network is WPS APP  this is similar to the WPA WPS connect app and works similar ………

ALL you need to do is follw the slide show down here………..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5.Method V

AndroDumpper is the another fantastic application that gives the access to the wifi networks this also works similar to the WPA APP app , you will find it in google play store , you can install it and get to knw how it works guys …..the advantage of this app is root is not required so enjoy guys….,another advantage is that it sows full detailed information about the router…..


6.Method VI

The last method is also through an application named intercepter-NG which is bit hard to use , the speciality of this application is that it not only gives you access to the network but also to the browsing information through it .

It works only for rooted devices not for non rooted devices but as I said it is bit harder to use……now it is not available on google play in India so you should download it from the web browser (not from google play).


Guys these are the real and working ways that you can get wifi for free any where any time if you like this…. stop reading and share it right now ….. why are you reading still share it man…..:-)

If you have any queries please ask me in the comment box …..






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